Friday, 12 January 2018

It's Me Snitches

Alright, let's try this again.

My tentative strategy for not completely shitting the bed this time in terms of keeping this thing updated regularly is: (1) to significantly lower my standards for what counts as a complete post; and (2) just accept that I'm never going to be satisfied working on or talking about just one project and just let this thing be a jumble of shit.

To that end, let's briefly recap all the projects I've got on the go, from oldest (which, broadly speaking, also means most developed) to most recent:
  • Ionian Nights. I never posted about it on here, but it was my first attempt at an OSR-style megadungeon, set in Asia Minor under Persian occupation in the 6th century BC or so. The dungeon was supposed to be the entrance/descent into Hades, because for the Greeks hell was literally just a place underground that you could get to if a cave went deep enough, which is how living people always used to get there. It turned out, later, that this had literally already been done, so while I do occasionally jot down new ideas and things, I'd have to figure out a way to put my own spin on it if I wanted to post about it on here. Or not, who cares.
  • The Crater of Termination / Xish. Weird pulp fantasy megadungeon in a dying earth setting reminiscent of Vance's Dying Earth stories (obviously) and Clark Ashton Smith's Xothique stories, with a bunch of Lovecraft-flavoured gods and cults thrown in. It's more or less my own version of the standard OSR Appendix N worship. 
  •  Mictlan. Hex/wave-crawl where players set off from a fantasy version of the Aztec empire to sail a sea of blood and explore islands of terrifying whatevers. The idea here is to push more toward dark fantasy/horror, low-magic, etc.
  •  Silfurfall / Dregypth. A Norse-flavoured city-on-top-of-a-megadungeon. This is supposed to be a way of running standard elves and dwarves Tolkienesque fantasy in a way that doesn't make me want to just flip the table mid-session and scream "Oh, who gives a fuck about another one of these?!!" It's also kind of an experiment with figuring out a city using Vornheim.
  • Maze of the Mad Magus. Some shit I threw together at the last minute to actually run, which was basically Keep on the Borderlands with my own Castle Greyhawk-inspired megadungeon nearby instead of the Caves of Chaos. The idea was to try and take a lot of cues from what seems to be the implied setting of B2 (and just B2, considered in isolation from other modules).
  • Something for the next One Page Dungeon contest, which obviously I'm going to keep under wraps for now.
Okay, that's it for now. Talk to you soon (maybe).

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